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The City is seeking all Chicago Creatives!

From February 4–25, 2011, the City of

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) will conduct an open, online survey of all Chicago Creatives.

Everyone who considers themselves creative is invited to take the Creative Chicago Survey.

Who is a creative? That's what the City will learn. An artist or an architect, a chef or DJ, a member of a church choir or a fashion designer, a teaching artist or playwright, an arts administrator or a filmmaker, a knitter or an industrial designer, every person who engages in a creative practice as their job or their hobby is "a creative." 

The Creative Chicago Survey will invite all creative practitioners to describe who they are and what they need to thrive in Chicago, including specific space and business assistance information. The goal is to hear from all creative people who live and/or work in Chicago.

To link to the survey — from February 4-25, click here.

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