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News from past 90 days

Murder At the Juke Joint!

Roaring 20s Where Everything Was Illegal....Speakeasy Take a Walking Back In Time on Valentine's Night Community Production to Support Having Fun Right Here In Your Own Backyard for Valentine's Night.

Hiring Community Watchers & Floaters

Community Watchers provide student supervision along safety routes during school arrival and dismissal times. Community Watchers observe and report unusual or uncharacteristic behavior on school routes and report to the Safety Manager. The Community Watchers work approximately five hours per day, Monday through Friday, during the public school year (180 days). Specific hours and locations to be worked will be set by supervisor. Floating Community Watchers work as needed, and can be promoted to a regular status community watcher working 25 hours/week when the opportunities are available. 

Register for the CHA Waitlist Lottery this SATURDAY!

Come to 9100 S. Burley tomorrow from 10am-2pm for assistance in registering for the CHA Waitlist! 

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